Document Manager
* Driver license & passport storage vault.

Identity Document Management

We are building identity transactions for the internet. Our product is a simple interface for any business to start handling identity documents in a secure & usable manner.

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Online Identity

What does your business stand to gain?

kyc (know-your-customer)
cip (customer-identification-program)
customer satisfaction
cyber security risk reduction

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Image of the Swish web platform dashboard design.

Security meets simplicity.

The current market is dominated by thousands of digital identity providers both private and in-house. We believe that in order to succeed your product must be your focus.

Our product is digital identity.

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Your identity is the universal password to your Identity. Don't entrust every site to secure it.

The future.

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Connect with Swish

Simplified identity for the internet. Allowing you a new kind of transaction.

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Advanced Fraud Detection

We are working to implement the most advanced system in fraud & identity detection.